PFOS x Underground Underdogs

Vol. 22

Happy Thursday and welcome back to PFOS. It’s been quiet here since February, so I figured I should give you guys a quick update.

I recently joined the team at Underground Underdogs as a writer and senior editor (much love to Jack Angell and Millan Verma for the opportunity). For the most part, I’ll be covering regional American rap. I already have a few pieces online, including a review of Young Don’s stellar new mixtape LIFE OF A DON, a short primer on South Memphis rapper Baby Hot, and blurbs for standout tracks by Cico P (“Tampa”), Nardo Wick (“Shhh”), and OTR Chaz (“Immortalized”). Each piece is linked at the bottom with proper titles.

Underground Underdogs has exciting plans for 2021. The mission is to spotlight artists and scenes that don’t get written about online, and tell their stories in a thoughtful way. Given the wilted state of Music Journalism right now, there’s plenty of uncovered ground. If you’re sick of seeing Jack Harlow on your IG explore page, and would rather read deep dives on unsung creatives, I think you’ll appreciate what we have in store.

PFOS isn’t going anywhere. I’ll continue to publish this newsletter, but Underground Underdogs will be the primary home for my articles and interviews going forward. The UU website, socials, and weekly playlist are also linked below for convenience.

Before this wraps, I gotta give a massive thank you to Mark Bricker and Joey Walker from Daily Chiefers for being the first people with a big publication to take a chance on me. The Chiefers are still doing great work, and the interview we published last month with Chicago rapper Doa Beezy has a special place in my heart.

To those still following along, thank you so much. What started as an outlet for me and a few friends has morphed into something more, and I still can’t believe anyone cares enough to read my ramblings.

It’s a surreal blessing to cover and interact with the artists I listen to every day. I hope my words can do them justice.


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